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CPA Services

Vashon Island Professionals (VIP)

Raven HJ Pyle-McCrackyn


Tax Prep and Financial Planning - where YOU are OUR VIP!

Our team prepares individual, business, S-Corp, Corporate, and Trust tax returns!


As a CPA, Jo-Ann M Humphrey performs the review of the tax returns prepared.

We offer a 10% discount for First Responders and Military.


Life Insurance Broker
and Recruiter

As a Persian Gulf War Veteran and currently serving on the Phoenix Police Department, I care about our 1st Responders and their families! 

As 1st responders, we need to have control over our life insurance!  We have a special plan that addresses the short comings of the group plans!

Let's protect your family, text me today to learn more about the plan and how it benefits your family!


Commercial Loans

We specialize in providing commercial financing for businesses of all sizes.

With funding capabilities that rival even the largest financial institutions, combined with a team of seasoned business professionals, we are in the unique position to handle any size transaction while providing unmatched support.

We work with businesses of all sizes, including start-ups, well established businesses, medical professionals, and non-profit organizations.

Life Insurance RECRUITING

Do you have a heart to serve and would like to help protect families?


If you have a life insurance license or would like to obtain one, this is a great opportunity to join a team who helps support each other and care that we are all successful together!


We serve 1st responders and have an amazing life insurance policy designed to address their specific issues!




  • Unlimited earning potential

  • Work-life balance

  • Flexible schedule

  • Opportunities for self-improvement

  • Training

  • Culture of strong core values: relationships matter, people come first

  • Great team support and information sharing


If you would like to learn more or join our team, please contact me today below or text 330.323.2012!

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

One of my favorite tax credits to share!!

For the Arizona tax return, a charitable tax credit with the form and limits listed below. 

Every year there is a list provided for allowable organizations for the donation, see link for the list!

There is a 5 year carry forward and donations can be made up to April 15

(for example, for the 2023 Arizona tax return, donations can be made up to April 15, 2024).

Tax Year 2023     Single       Married         List

Form 321               $421             $841

Form 322               $200             $400

Form 352               $526          $1,051

Form 323/348    $1,307          $2,609    

Tax Year 2024     Single       Married          List

Form 321              $470             $938

Form 322              $200             $400

Form 352              $587          $1,173

Form 323/348    $1,459         $2,910    

*** Please verify information with your tax preparer ***

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