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Volunteer Opportunities

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Phoenix Police Department
Phoenix Police Department Citizens Offering Police Support

If you are seeking a rewarding volunteer opportunity, consider joining our team in serving the residents of Phoenix with the Phoenix Police Department.

The Motorist Assist Program (MAP) team serves our community by assisting stranded motorist, changing tires, jumping vehicles, providing water, cleaning up the roads, and so much more!


We also assist police officers at accidents, directing traffic, strategically placing cones to keep everyone safe, and assisting the towing companies so that we can safely open up our roads! 


This has been the most rewarding and incredible opportunity that I am blessed to be part of an amazing team that is protecting and serving our community!


My amazing journey began on Thanksgiving Day, my first day in uniform for MAP. I am so grateful to have this opportunity and what a perfect day to start serving in this capacity!


It was an honor to be chosen for the 2022 COPS Volunteer Excellence Award! We are grateful to serve our community!

If you have the desire to serve and make a difference for our community, our businesses, and for our police officers, contact me today!

best way to reach me is by text to 330.323.2012

Brand Ambassador

It is an honor to be a part of this amazing Police Department team that day in and day out are out there protecting our community! Plus there is an amazing team in the background supporting them, working endless hours to ensure our safety!

I love being out in the community from sharing junior police badges with the children, encouraging them to be good helpers to their Parents, to assisting stranded motorists, to cleaning up accidents so our streets stay clean preventing flat tires, to assisting the fire department directing people around their fire hoses, blocking off the road to protect police officers and fire fighters as they perform their duties, and so much more!

We also partner with local businesses who donate tools, vehicles, and necessary items for us to be out there assisting our community! Thank you to all these amazing businesses who care about our community and provide these donations!

A few quick stories to share:

Christmas day accident - after the accident, the one vehicle was not safe to drive because of tire damage, we changed the tire saving the motorist a tow, and she was able to return home to celebrate Christmas with her family!

Stranded motorist - an 18 year old motorist had just purchased a car and had a flat tire. He shared with us that he was never taught how to change a tire and was very frustrated at his circumstance. It was a 114 degrees that day as we demonstrated how to change his tire! He was so grateful and gave me the biggest hug - the best reward of appreciation ever!! 

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