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Our Journey Together

Everyone has a story to tell and we all have traveled different paths on our journey of life!

So why contact me........below I will share how the background I built through my journey will provide not only exceptional service but will also provide expertise in many areas that will help you and your family!

Let's take this journey together because as we work together, we will become friends that go beyond just a business relationship because I care about the well being of you and your families!

Plus, I am not aware of a mortgage lender that provides the additional personal touch that I will, not only your financial well being today but also for your future.....see below and then make that call or text to 330.323.2012!

Mentor, Advocate


Over 20 years

Tax Prep and Tax Reviews

As a CPA and tax preparer of over 20 years and now review tax returns to mentor other preparers, I will review your tax return to find tax savings and ideas. I am also very happy to work in conjunction with your current preparer to help you achieve tax savings!

Over 7 years

Life Insurance

Analyzing and making sure your family is protected! There are multiple approaches so we can review your existing life insurance and determine if you have the right coverage!  Let's customize your life insurance plan so you are not over insured or under insured!

Over 25 years

Budgeting and Saving $$

As a professional in the financial industry, I have helped families and businesses save hundreds to thousands of dollars, all relative to situation! One vital area is making sure you have sufficient reserves for emergencies!  Let's build a solid foundation for you together!

My life journey


My life's journey has been built on serving in the military, local and federal government, and in my CPA practice. I am committed to serving individuals, families, and communities and am here for you!

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