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Welcome to Another Glorious Day!

This is GI Jo Leaves No One Behind and you might wonder why I welcome everyone to another glorious day, every day!

As a military veteran, we realize every 1st responder does not make it home to their family every day.

I am grateful to have survived serving in a war and for every day that I can serve in my community and come home.

So I have to stay positive every day so when I wake up, every day is started with welcome to another glorious day - no matter how tough of a day, challenges encountered, or tragedy faced.

Our 1st responders are amazing, not only out on the battlefield in other countries and on our home community roads, but after they serve as a 1st responder, they continue serving our country by starting a business or nonprofit!

We can show our appreciation by checking out these businesses and nonprofits!

As gratitude for their serving hearts, my goal is to share some of these amazing businesses, so stay tuned and check out my 1st Responders page on my website.....

Remember, stay humble, hustle hard, and have a glorious day!

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