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First-time Homebuyer?

Hello and Happy Friday!

This is GI Jo Leaves No One Behind!

Welcome to another glorious day!

A few questions to start off the day:

Does everyone who applies for a loan qualify?

Who qualifies as a first-time homebuyer?

As a CPA and Mortgage Loan Officer, I can help you with these answers!

You might be surprised at the tax definition and loan definition of a first-time homebuyer!

This could mean the difference between obtaining a loan and not be qualified!And if you are seeking to purchase a home, and not able to qualify for a loan right now, let's develop a plan for success!

If interested in discussing options, please submit an application and we can create a game plan to reach your home purchase goals

GI Jo Leaves No One Behind

Remember, stay humble, hustle hard, and have a glorious day!

CPA Licensed in Arizona and Ohio

MLO #2359404 Arizona and Ohio

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